Am I allowed to gift my Chanel SA?

I am thinking of giving a small gift of appreciation to my Chanel SA. I’ve worked with her for the last 4 years and I really appreciate her help in helping me with my purchases. I am only thinking small gifts such as a box of macaroons or chocolates. Just to say thank you and I appreciate her. Is this allowed in Chanel in the US? I’ve only done this with SAs from LV and Tiffanys since they both became very close to me.

Hermès season collection in store updates/chat and Photos!

Hello please forgive me if there’s a thread for this already I swear I scoured the search bar and couldn’t find any so moderators, if there is one already, please move this there:smile:

Anyway, I love Hermès but I live in Alaska which is nowhere near an Hermès store so I only get to visit and see their items in real life during travels. I visited Thailand and saw the most amazing green Constance (photo below and sorry I just saw the no photo sign after I took this)
IMG_6801.jpegI saw that green also in a Kelly wallet to go and I just fell in love. Obviously, I wasn’t able to purchase any of the bags off the shelf but asked about the color (vert yucca) after I’ve purchased a wallet, Oran sandals, and a couple scarves.

Now, I’m searching for the season this Constance and Kelly to go in vert yucca was in and I couldn’t find any information except for the fact that vert yucca was introduced in 2023. This brings me to the purpose of this thread:

1) are these bags/items currently in store from spring/summer 2024 collection? The Kelly to go in vert yucca was STUNNING!

2) I read someone who recently posted they bought fall/winter 2024 scarves, does that mean Hermès stores sell fall/winter 2024 simultaneously with the spring/summer collection since it’s currently spring/summer?

3) there was a resort show 2025 recently, when will those be in store?

I appreciate and love designer pieces but I never really was a seasonal shopper (not sure if that’s what it’s called but I’m pertaining to those who have whatever’s in season in their closet) so I’m just curious of what’s usually in Hermès store and how their fashion calendar works. Thanks for reading my lengthy post!

Question about remote sales

I purchased a bag remotely from the Bal Harbour boutique several years ago and recently reached out to them again to inquire about another bag. They don’t have the color I’m looking for.

I’d like to reach out to the other boutiques in the US to see if they have it in stock, or ideally would like the Bal Harbour boutique to locate one for me. I’m not sure how this typically works with Goyard, though, as I am not a regular customer. Can I ask them to source it for me or can I reach out to other boutiques?

I won’t be anywhere near a boutique for the foreseeable future so my only option is remote sales.


First, let me say that I am a weird duck😄. I have had this handbag for over a decade and have not used. I am a collector at heart and have a few bags that I have, but have not used. Sometimes I am just happy knowing I have something.

Anyway…… I have brought this lovely handbag out of her box and am planning to use. I have a question. There is quite a bit of white leather on the bag and am concerned that I will mess it up. Do any of you lovely members have any suggestion as to whether there is something I can treat the white leather prior to use?

I know sometimes it is better to let things be, but something in me tells me I need to treat.

Any thoughts/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Dragonfruit Tabby Backpack?

Just curious if anyone has the Tabby backpack in Dragonfruit, and could maybe share some thoughts on it, and/or some pics/mod shots if they're feeling generous? I'm only recently getting back into Coach and this bag in particular caught my eye because I'm craving a bright color for summer.

Mainly wondering what the quality is like (and does it scratch easily), is it comfortable to use, does it need to be babied, is the size practical for everyday use? Is it easy to match with a mostly neutral wardrobe? (I know it's bright but retailer photos can be deceiving.)

Thanks in advance!


3 months post rhinoplasty at Marble


I am now 3 months and 5 days out from post rhinoplasty from Marble plastic surgery. My nose is now settling quite nicely. The swelling is at the minimal and it looks very natural. In the beginning It was much higher and pointier, now it’s more subtle and natural which I’m glad because I think It suites my face a lot more. Dr. Kim definitely knows what he’s doing and I have zero regrets going to Marble for my rhino.

Help identifying a Chanel 20c gray CF

Hello all! I was hoping for some assistance/collective expertise. I am planning on purchasing a Chanel gray flap from a reseller with whom I have purchased before. We thought it was a 20c gray CF jumbo, but it is a 28 series, which she says might straddle the seasons. All the Chanel 20c gray flaps I’ve seen online are a 29 series. I remember emailing my Chanel SA at the time about this bag in November 2019. (I didn’t have the funds and was super upset about the price increase to purchase. I still kick myself over it). A quick Google search shows that 28 series is from year 2019.

So my question is: does anyone know if the 20c gray CF had a 28 series serial number, or were they all a 29 series?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Finally happened to me- I lost my medium clash bracelet

I saw it a day or two ago.. then I noticed today that my larger clash bracelet is missing. $11k down the drain. I didn’t even have it for a whole year and didn’t update my insurance to include that. Beware that the medium model is looser- at least mine was. I had taken it to Cartier and they said if it keeps staying loose, they can try to tighten it. Just wanted to share that I’m totally devastated and don’t be dumb like me.

DocFinder did a great job

Her husband didn't recognize her but in a good way. She's gone from 'looking' what IMO a 45 typically looks like without any work done to a cute young 30
Surgery plan:
1. Mini SMAS Face Lift
2. Fat Graft
3. Double Eyelid with Ptosis correction
4. Under eye fat reposition
5. V-line Surgery (Angle Jaw and Cheekbones Reduction, Genioplasty)
6. Rhinoplasty (together with deviated septum correction)
Screenshot 2024-06-19 103933.png
2 weeks still swollen
Screenshot 2024-06-19 103744.png

Screenshot 2024-06-19 103856.png

Fashionphile Quote for 19 23A

This post is for information purposes only. Just for kicks and giggles I submitted a quote for my Chanel 19 from the 23A collection, never used, still in its packaging. Quote is attached. A great reminder to not let these beautiful pieces sit on the shelf. I have gotten use to wearing my Alma BB on the daily, that I am neglecting my other handbags. Just wanted to share my experience.


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3-Motif Earrings: Dilemma

I purchased 3 motif earrings recently but I am having some issues with the discomfort. I was recommended earlobe patches by an helpful lady on this website and they have helped a lot with the drooping, but there is still some discomfort. Could the omega earring back be tight, or the post is too thin/shortt? I’m not sure at this point. I’ve never worn earrings before which are large, I usually just had small studs from Kendra Scott to just have something there. So maybe it’s just getting used to something like this?

Skincare tx while recovering from surgery

Hi all. I'm planning to go to SK later this year or early next year for a revision rhino. I'm only staying the minimum time for healing from the surgery but I also want to pack in some trips to skincare clinics for non invasive treatments. Specifically, under eye Rejuran, Thermage/laser lifting, botox and fillers. Don't think I'll have enough time in Korea after the nose cast was removed, so maybe it would be okay to so some things while healing initially. I was wondering if any of you had done this over your recovery or if it was allowed by your clinic or surgeon.

1 month post rhinoplasty update at Cocoline

Hi guys!

Here's my 1 month post rhinoplasty with Cocoline. I really like how my nose is taking shape and slimming down thus far! My only gripe is the uneven nostrils, which is stressing me out slightly but it seems to be getting better. I'm also aware that it's only very early on in the healing process, but I feel like the swelling has gone down so much and it looks so natural no one could tell. So far, really enjoying the results and no issues functionally! Still feel slight tightness when smiling but I guess it's normal early on. Can't wait to fully recover! Feel free to ask any questions!


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Review of My Rhinoplasty at BT Plastic Surgery in Korea

Hello, I recently underwent rhinoplasty at BT Plastic Surgery in Korea, and I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience. From start to finish, the journey was marked by professionalism, warmth, and outstanding results. Prior to arriving in Korea I had numerous consultations with other clinics and ended up choosing BT. I'm currently 6 weeks post op and already loving my results.

Welcoming Environment
From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and at ease. The staff greeted me with genuine smiles and a friendly demeanor, which immediately calmed any pre-surgery nerves I had. The clinic's ambiance is modern, clean, and inviting, creating a comforting atmosphere that made me feel confident in my choice. They had an in-house English translator will helped tremendous!! Kelly & Grace were my go-to whenever I needed help.

Informative Consultation​

The consultation process was thorough and informative. The surgeon(Doctor Lee Seung Ho) and staff took the time to explain every detail of the procedures, addressing all my questions and concerns with patience and clarity. They provided comprehensive information about the surgery, recovery process, and potential risks, ensuring that I was fully informed and comfortable before proceeding. Their transparency and expertise were evident, making me feel assured that I was in capable hands. Finally I put deposit and booked surgery date.

Surgery and Care​

The day of the surgery was handled with utmost care and professionalism. The medical team was attentive and compassionate, guiding me through each step and ensuring I was comfortable. The procedures went smoothly, and the post-operative care was exemplary. The staff regularly checked on my progress and provided detailed aftercare instructions, which were crucial for a smooth recovery.

Outstanding Results​

I am incredibly happy with the result of my rhinoplasty. The changes are natural-looking and have significantly enhanced my appearance, boosting my confidence. Doctor Lee's skill and attention to detail are evident in the harmonious and balanced results. The swelling and bruising subsided within the expected timeframe, and the recovery process was manageable, thanks to the thorough guidance and support from their clinic.



My primary rhinoplasty with Doctor Lee Seung Ho at BT Plastic Surgery in Korea

-No implant on the bridge
-Tip Plasty with nasal septum and donor rib cartilage
-Hump reduction
-Nasal bone reduction

Overall Experience​

My experience at BT Plastic Surgery exceeded my expectations in every way. The combination of a welcoming environment, informative and transparent consultation, skilled surgical care, and exceptional results made this journey a positive and rewarding one. I wholeheartedly recommend BT Plastic Surgery to anyone considering cosmetic procedures. Their dedication to patient satisfaction and excellence in care is truly commendable.


My Blepharoplasty Adventure In Seoul

I have been meaning to have double eyelid surgery for many years since I have always had issues with my mono-eyelids being too droopy. Especially during more recent years I have developed many fine forehead wrinkles from raising my eyebrows to see unobstructed. So one day I decided enough was enough and organised an almost spontaneous trip to Seoul.

A month or so prior to having my in person consultation, I had an online consultation with the help of my Korean speaking friend (who was also having the same surgery done) and a liaison advisor on Kakao. She gave us quotes for costs and answered all of our messages promptly including asking the surgeon specific questions giving me more confidence to go ahead with them. I haven’t really considered other clinics as two of my friends have already had great experiences with them and my mind was set.

I flew to South Korea toward the end of winter while the weather was still very cool to help with swelling post surgery. Getting to the clinic was easy and I found many non-Korean speaking patients getting their consultations done too including Vietnamese, Japanese and Mandarin. My face to face consultation was simple and quick with the help of my English translator. She helped me answer more questions with a quick appearance of my doctor and I was ready to have the procedure done the next day. Note to anyone who has their nails done to remove them prior to surgery day!

Finally I had my blepharoplasty and epicanthoplasty done with Dr Han Ji Hyun! All the staff were very friendly and attentive and from admission, surgery, recovery to discharge, it took around 5 or so hours. There wasn’t really much pain post surgery, just felt groggy and feeling a bit swollen of course. I came back 1 week later to have my stitches removed and all done! Overall I can definitely recommend Girin Hospital to anyone looking for facial plastic surgeries.

Exceptional Experience at MIHO Plastic Surgery

I recently visited MIHO Plastic Surgery for double eyelid revision and ptosis surgery, and I am beyond thrilled with my experience. From the moment I stepped into the clinic, I felt welcomed and well-cared for by Dr. Yoon Jeongwon and his exceptional team, including Kevin.

Professionalism and Expertise
Dr. Yoon Jeongwon and his team are nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Yoon’s expertise and meticulous attention to detail made me feel completely at ease. He took the time to thoroughly explain each procedure, ensuring that I was comfortable and informed every step of the way. The results have been truly transformative, and I couldn’t be happier with how natural and beautiful everything looks.

Price and Quality
I firmly believe that the relationship between price and quality should be aligned. While I was initially presented with more affordable options elsewhere, I ultimately chose MIHO’s services because I value the exceptional quality of care and expertise they provide, which I believe should be reflected in the pricing. At the end of the day, the post-operation care and the remarkable results I received at MIHO far exceeded my expectations. I feel the post-operation care is definitely worth more than the surgery cost. This decision was validated by the exceptional care and results I received at MIHO

Personalized Care
A special shoutout to Kevin, who went above and beyond to make my experience seamless. Kevin’s warmth, professionalism, and dedication were evident throughout my journey. Despite his busy schedule, he always found time to answer my questions, provide reassurance, and even check in on my recovery after I returned home. His personal touch made all the difference.

State-of-the-Art Facilities
The clinic is state-of-the-art, with a serene and comfortable environment. The facilities are impeccably clean and well-maintained, adding to my confidence in the care I received.

My Procedures and Experience
I underwent double eyelid revision and ptosis surgery, hoping to eliminate the hood above my eyelid. Dr. Yoon explained that this issue was due to my eye structure and suggested an endoscopic forehead lift for better results. These procedures couldn’t be done simultaneously, so I chose the eyelid revision + ptosis surgery, but the hood remains.

Dr. Yoon confidently knows his job, and I instantly felt safe in his hands. Remarkably, the pain for the procedure was 0/10, even after the operation. During my surgery, I was awake and able to converse with the doctor. He constantly asked me to open and close my eyes to ensure perfect results.

Post-Procedure Support
The aftercare provided by the clinic has been exemplary. I received detailed instructions on how to manage my recovery, and Kevin has continued to check in on my progress, offering valuable advice and support. This level of care and commitment to patient well-being is truly commendable. I am extremely satisfied with the results and the overall experience, which exceeded my expectations in every way.

Overall Experience
In summary, my experience at MIHO Plastic Surgery has been outstanding. Dr. Yoon’s skill, Kevin’s personalized care, and the clinic’s top-notch facilities made for an unparalleled experience. I highly recommend MIHO Plastic Surgery for anyone considering cosmetic procedures. I look forward to returning for the endoscopic forehead lift next spring.

Thank you, MIHO Plastic Surgery, for making my journey so positive and rewarding. I look forward to returning for future treatments and continuing this wonderful relationship.