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Shub Niggurath
Walking around in the heat can be thirsty work and when this elephant decided he needed a quick drink he headed to the nearest watering hole - even though it was a swimming pool with humans inside.

In a video clip posted online the adult bull elephant can be seen padding up to the edge of the pool as the bathers in the water look on in stunned silence.

With a couple of quick glances around the African giant, complete with long tusks, slowly dips his trunk in the cool waters.

After two sups, it looks like the magnificent beast caught sight of the people sitting motionless in the water.

They remain motionless, entranced by the giant creature they are sharing their swimming pool with.

With some small swishes of his head, the elephant decides not to take a refreshing full bath, but it looks like he was thinking about it.

He then turns silently and walks away in the direction he came from.

The video has already been viewed by hundreds of thousands of users since it was posted on YouTube.

One user posted: 'I would have been terrified if this happened to me!'

While another person wrote: 'That is what you call a one with nature.'

Vid at link.

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wow...he looked at them like "yeah I see you" and just kept drinking
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