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Hi ladies! I am wondering if there are any mamas out there who used a sperm donor to conceive and what your experience was like? Positives? Negatives? Do you have any recommendations for online banks I can look at? Or any forums on the topic? I am 37 and I haven't met the man of my dreams yet but I don't want to miss out on motherhood so I am starting to look at my options. I would love to hear from other ladies in the some boat. I know absolutely nothing about this and I don't have any friends or family who have gone this route so I really am starting from scratch.
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Not in your boat buy perhaps find a support group (online) and ask your questions at them.

I think you need to let go of any romanced or dream idea of the baby daddy. If you had any, because you'll be picking on skin, hair and eye colour and nothing else (as far as I know).

Don't think your gp would be surprised to awnser your questions, perhaps they can point you in the best direction?

Wishing you all the luck with realising your child wish. Perhaps also look for a support group for single moms in your area to see what your up for?
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