Marc Jacobs

Your Marc Jacobs in action!

SuLi Posted By SuLi Posted Mar 26, 2007

  1. Didn't realize there was an animal print version! Looks good on you. :tup:
  2. The Little Stam...


    and the Palais Royal flat case...

  3. Both are very cute!!
  4. Love it!!!
  5. :ty: :flowers:
  6. Using my Quilted Single as a clutch:

  7. Older post, I know, but I SO want that bag.
  8. Great wallets!!!!!
  9. My new MBMJ P2M tote in peacock at work. On sale at Nordstrom for 263.98. Perfect size for a work tote IMO. Fits files with ease, but doesn't look too big or bulky. I'm new and attempting to add pictures, so please bear with me:smile:.

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  10. My first MJ and my first premier designer bag, a gift to myself after passing the bar several years ago. Pulled it out of the closet the other day and started to fall in love all over again!

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  11. Beautiful! Passing the bar deserves something special! (or 2 something specials, or 3, or 4)
  12. Love this bag. Definitely a day to evening piece:smile:
  13. Thanks ladies!!

    Agreed, think I'm still rewarding myself for that accomplishment, several years later ;)