Your CELINE in action PICS!

Bornsocialite26 Posted By Bornsocialite26 Posted Oct 24, 2010

  1. :love: thank you! thanks to my li'l diva who keeps me up all night!
  2. U are looking good, Hot Mummy! :graucho: i wish i can slim down so fast like you on my next pregnancy :biggrin:
  3. :hugs:awwwww....thank you! just feel so blessed that I snapped back to my pre preg body this early w/o any sort of diet and exercise, went full time breastfeeding and it was extremely hard but slowly getting the rythm now...Im so in love w/ my li'l Simone:biggrin: so....anything new from your camp lately?
  4. What an absolutely beautiful photo!!

  5. FAB!! love your clasp!

  6. Where did you get this bag? and how much was it?? i want it so badly!!!!
  7. It's black pebbled leather mini :smile:
  8. Lipstick mini lugage and I yesterday, more are on my blog ;)

  9. Rocking Celine SS/12 sunglasses and my stamped croc baby :love:

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  10. Such a pretty outfit!

    I love your dress! Great bag too!
  11. Thanks Fumi :biggrin:

  12. I wanted to post my Celine Nano luggage in Vermillion to show how Vermillion can work with other bold colors. The top I'm wearing has a little light orange which I think coordinates but I think the blue color really pops with the Vermillion.


    Of course it also looks pretty great with my Hermes clic clac bracelet in bleu electrique!