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Your Bbag Family ***PICTURES ONLY***

zacorey Posted By zacorey Posted Dec 16, 2006

  1. Here is mine:

    Black Twiggy (so versatile)
    Blueberry Purse (beautiful color)
    Group Shot of my Cities
    Rouille City ( Vibrant Color!!)

    Hopefully, soon to add "FIRST", that would complete my B Bag obsession.
  2. my small family:

    bag collection 009 22.jpg

    however, the blue messenger on the right has been considering a divorce lately, eBay style :s
  3. Finally managed to get a hold of a digital camera and took some photos of my current collection, including the newest baby, the Ink day!
  4. My small collection. I love every single one of them to pieces!! :yes:

    06 Grenat city
    06 Ink twiggy
    04 Yellow first
    05 Black first
  5. I :heart: this thread so much. I love seeing all your lovely bbag families!! Thank you all for sharing and allowing us to drool over your goodies!

    I finally have enough to be considered a "family" - so I had some fun tonight and took a few family pics - thanks for looking!

    My bbag family:
    - 05 Pewter First
    - 06 Ink City
    - 05 Turquoise City


    Line 'em up - single file babies!

    Corners - what lovely corners..

    Did someone say eye candy? What about ARM candy?!
  6. my small balenciaga family:love:


  7. :yahoo: I've finally received the last of my recent purchases today! :yahoo:

    Regretfully, only part of my family is pictured here, the rest are away celebrating Christmas!! :graucho:

    On stage are :
    Trusty ole' 05 Black City
    Cornflower Box
    Cornflower Boobie
    Metallic Rose Day
    Rouge Vif Makeup
    Pale Rose Courrier
    Camel Afternoon

    On vacation are:
    Boobies : Bubblegum Pink, Sky Blue, Ink
    Box : White Ponyhair
    First : '05 Black
    Cities : Natural Ponyhair, Denim/White Trim, Sky Blue, Ice Blue
  8. Rouge Vif City
    Black 06 City
    Greige Mini Bowling
    Lilac 04 City
    Natural 07 Giant Brief
    Ink Oval Clutch
    Calcaire Box
    Calcaire coin purse ( not in the pic)
    White 04 mini coin purse( not in the pic)
  9. OMG so many beautiful families girlz :love:
    ahem.. are singles welcomed in this thread? :shame: i only have a white 06 city!

  10. Here are some pics of the naturel giant brief
  11. My little family of BBags!

    white courier
    pale rose weekender
    rouille twiggy
    black city
    BBgum pink city and first
    lilac first
    teal day
    ice blue and greige purse
    denim/white box
    rouge large bowler
    eggplant mini
    pale rose make-up
    BBgum pink and apple green coin purse
    grey mini coin purse
    black and white boobie
  12. Here is my little humble Bbag family. :cutesy: I love all three.:heart:
    06 Black City
    05 Bordeaux City
    05 Olive Green Day
  13. I really love looking at everyone's collection. You girls really have some beautiful bags! Now that I've recently purchased a third bbag, I feel that I can actually start considering it a collection. So here they are....

    '05 Turquoise First
    '05 Apple Green First
    '04 Pistachio First

    I :heart: them all!
  14. in case I haven't posted enough about my one and only bbag..:shame:
  15. here is my updated collection:
    rouge vif work 06
    city grenat 06
    twiggy grey 06
    first magenta 05
    city türkis 05
    I just love them so much:love: