Christian Louboutin

You Ladies Are A BAD Influence! *Reveal*

Posted By Doglover1610 Posted Nov 20, 2011

  1. Why can't I visit the forum without lusting after the lovely shoes you ladies have?

    Why did I log on to eBay and see these pre-owned beauties up for auction??

    And why oh why did I bid AND win them???


  2. May I present to you my 2nd pair of Louboutins - YoYo 85 in Black Patent!!!





  3. And for modeling shots:



    Well that's it - hope you guys enjoyed! Sorry my legs look so ghastly - they're overdue for a shave :push:
  4. Congrats! A heel replacement and vibram will make them good as new!

    The flannel simples were your first, right?

    And are you bidding on these glitter ron ron as well, naughty girl?
  5. Very nice!
  6. Congrats! I love how shiny black patent is!
  7. :p I haven't bid on them yet - still just looking!

    And yup - the flannel simples were my first;)
  8. Oh the flannel simples are lovely and the black patent yoyo's are a wonderful classic!!!
  9. hehe isn't TPF the worst enabler ever :p congrats on a gorgy pair!
  10. congrats! You wear them wonderfully!
  11. Congrats!
  12. hehe that's our job to enable you!!! :p

    Congrats! they're lovely!
  13. Great job!!!!:drinkup:

    Congrats!!! I love the Yoyo!
  14. Beautiful, congrats!
  15. congrats! it's in a great condition too!