Tory Burch

You and your TORY BURCH in action (shoes, bags, clothes, accessories!)

MJDaisy Posted By MJDaisy Posted Apr 18, 2012

  1. Love the different looks! thank you!
  2. ohhh la laaaa:woohoo::love:
  3. Otw to a house party Sat night. Love this Surf Blue color for the season... been carrying my Amanda clutch all summer

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  4. Hi everyone! tPF Virgin here! 😊 I really enjoyed seeing everyone's TB post! Thanks to MJDaisy for starting this up! Y'all look amazing! Thanks for sharing!!! 😉
    I hope y'all enjoy! View attachment ImageUploadedByPurseForum1381750355.573543.jpg
    We're on our way to the grocery store...

    1 Vintage Military Satchel and my Robinson slim card case taking a peek 😊
    2 "Photo bombing" are my Kendrick's in Royal Tan - suuuuper comfy!
    3 Gold Medallion keychain View attachment ImageUploadedByPurseForum1381750863.320700.jpg View attachment ImageUploadedByPurseForum1381750924.737409.jpg
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    Middy is hanging out with me at work :smile: she is a beauty!! :biggrin:

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  6. Aaaww, she sure is!
  7. ...waiting to be seated in my black Clines (@ Delmonico's) :smile:

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  9. I've always wanted a pair of tory burch flats, but I have the worst luck with flats :sad: Very pretty shoes though and I love that lv! :smile:

  10. Hi lolaspassion! Oh noooo?! 😟 You know my most comfy TB flats are the Caroline's (I'll try to post action shot ASAP) and the Kendrick Drivers!!! I'm a lil embarrassed to say but I have bunions 😟 so I am also picky with flats but I reeeeeally HOPE you give those two kinds a try Hun! 😊
    THANKS for the compliments! 😉
  11. Love at first sight, Tory Kaitlin pumps in sand/black :heart:

  12. Eddie wedges in sand, as comfy as the flats !!

  13. Selma black high wedges