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You and your TORY BURCH in action (shoes, bags, clothes, accessories!)

MJDaisy Posted By MJDaisy Posted Apr 18, 2012

  1. Thank you! :smile: I'm using it for school now!
  2. OMG I wish I could find this ones again:sad: I missed them when they came out and I think they are gorgeous!!! Congrats!!
  3. Got this little cutie for a super great price in Neiman Marcus at Ala moana! :smile:

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  4. That is SO cute! I love it! :smile:
  5. This is super cute! :smile:
  6. My Tory Burch Amanda zip Continental wallet. Love it!

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  7. Love this color!!!! I just got mine in driftwood!!! How do you like it? I haven't used mine yet ;)
  8. I've only had mine for a day :smile: I bought it cause I loved the blue! I love the finish and the design is very functional. I hope the leather wears well :smile:
  9. Out and about for dinner. The Printed Robinson middy is the perfect size on my days when I don't want to carry my totes.

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  10. so gorgeous! i want this bag now :biggrin:
  11. that's hotness.
  12. right now i'm using my Ella tote in magenta for school :smile:
  13. I'm an avid Tory girl, going on my 15th pair!!! Heres a couple pics of some outfits i've had, I know they aren't throughout time but I just found this thread!!!

    Here's a pic before Hot Yoga in my Tan/GHW Miller 2's (they may be my black ones I'm not sure, lol)

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    Here's a pic before the Movies with my love in my Tory Burch Mon Amours

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    This picture I look terrible but a quick snap when I wore one of my newest additions, my Lizard Skin Reva's with a gold buckle!

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    Here is my little sister and I (in the Red). I let her wear my speedy as well as my Black/GHW Revas and I am wearing Red Patent Reva's with GHW

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    This next one is not me in it, but it shows one of my favorite outfits! These are with my Pewter Reva's with SHW. Love these and these are by FAR my comfiest Revas!

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    This next picture feats my FAVORITE TORYS OF ALL TIME :heart: These are my Toby combat boots! There's a pic of just the boots, then me with my younger sister and I am wearing them!

    View attachment IMG_0696.jpg View attachment IMG_0697.jpg

    Next is a picture of my handsome brother and I in Vegas!

    I am wearing my traditional Black/GHW revas

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    Well this was fun! I never even knew there was an area on PurseForum for Tory shoes!!!! Hope you all enjoyed this is took me forever! can't wait to scroll through and see all of your lovely tory's!!
  14. Very nice!!! I REALLY love the combat boots! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  15. love all the photos! come back and post more often :smile: