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You and your TORY BURCH in action (shoes, bags, clothes, accessories!)

MJDaisy Posted By MJDaisy Posted Apr 18, 2012

  1. They are the J.Crew Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill. Mine are talls, but they do regular and petite sizes as well. They are very comfortable and one of my favorite pairs of pants.
  2. Thank you! they do look comfortable!!

  3. Wow love it!!

  4. Nice!!!
  5. Hey ya! Is anybody has Tory Burch Dakota Convertible here? Im planning to purchase on but still weighing either Tory of Burch or MJ Hillier. Any suggestion? Thanks
  6. My new Eddie flats with the bow! They are comfier than my Revas!!

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  7. Tory Burch Robinson satchel in black


    Tory Burch Logo skinny double snap cuff in luggage


  8. love ur dog bracelet and ring!:smile:
  9. Thank's Seton :smile:
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    Clines ballet flats in black, I love the square logo


    Reva black
  11. :biggrin: love this look!!
  12. love the cuffs!