Would like some help with Identifing my bags

Britty112 Posted By Britty112 Posted Jan 2, 2009

  1. SO over some time now I've gotten coach bags...and even this year i've added. MY deal is that I have never really noticed what bags I have and now that im in love with PF, reading all the threads I notice everyone knows what "girls" they have. With new inspiration and my long relationship w/ Coach...I want to know.

    Does anyone know how i can figure out what bags i have? Can you figure it out by the # inside?
  2. Serial numbers help, pictures do too, both would be grand :smile:
  3. The ladies here can likely identify a bag either by picture or by serial number or both!
  4. Yea!! okay...
    1. F0849-F13053
    2. L2k-6748
    3. E2k-9223
    4. L0732-F10674
    5. H0869-F10944
    6. M05s-0798
    7. K0785-F11666
  5. 10944 mini sig duffel (or is it duffle?)
    10674 Hamptons scribble satchel
    13053 Optic sig gallery tote
    11666 mini sig shoulder bag
  6. Thanks Shell!
  7. I can't seem to locate the 4-digit bags, just the 5-digit ones (I just did a simple search on *bay). Don't know why that is, perhaps b/c they are older bags?
  8. yes they are older. i'll try to get some pics up to show them
  9. L2K-6748

  10. E2K-9228

  11. M05s-0798

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    It's from the Hamilton line, just trying to figure out the specific model name.
  13. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Coach Ergo Retro Large Zip Womens Handbag[/FONT]
  14. Soho large flap (06 maybe?).

    kudos to you. now i feel educated about my own purses!!