Who wants a reveal?!?

Allee Posted By Allee Posted Jul 23, 2012

  1. Just got back from SCP and picked up a goodie!!!
  2. I'm here! Which boutique, bloomies or stand alone?
  3. Here! Yay!
  4. WooHoo!! Show us!!
  5. I'm still on the in 30 minutes :smile:
  6. I'm here!
  7. Here!!
  8. Here!!! I LOVE SCP!!!!
  9. Beautiful! Congrats.
  10. Stunning! The red is a knock-out! Congrats!
  11. I got her from the boutique. I got a jumbo, same color last week! Not sure what to do sis might buy the jumbo from me. Wasn't even looking for it...we were walking out of the store when I saw the xl GST in red. I just turned around and asked if she had a red med size classic. And she did!!! Ahhhhh