The Glass Slipper

***WHO MAKES THESE? ID these SHOES, please***

SOLIDGOLD2 Posted By SOLIDGOLD2 Posted Mar 24, 2008

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  3. Thanks hun. I'm finding similar shoes but not like these. I want them bad!
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  5. I know I could probably find a similar pair, but I really really want this pair of shoes. Please help!!

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    ^^^probably marc by marc jacobs
  7. I saw these shoes on the Banana Republic website, but they don't sell them nor does Piperlime. I have spent my morning searching for them - I've looked at Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Saks, Neiman's, Barneys, Zappos and Shopbop, but am having no luck.

    If anyone has seen these please let me know.


  8. [​IMG]

    i'm in paris for the moment and i have seen girls sporting these babies... does anyone know the brand/stores/website i could find them on in either paris or the united states?

    also, would anyone know who this fashionista is? she was featured on's paris fashion week, and i saw her on my street yesterday wearing knee high platforms
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    These are the Chloe Susan Studded Ankle boot, from f/w 08 and sold out... best bet would be eBay, otherwise they were widely done by many of the cheaper shoe brands ie. Steve Madden etc. Jeffrey Campbell also does a decent 'copy' of them, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative.

    And for some reason the link to the 'fashionista' isn't working for me... so I can't help there, sorry.
  11. is anyone abl to ID these? i have been trying to hunt for quite some time and no luck.

    from the kylie couture perfume ad.

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  12. Please ID Reese Witherspoon's shoes.