Louis Vuitton

Which to get.....

Melfontana Posted By Melfontana Posted Jun 16, 2012

  1. Speedy!!
  2. I think the vote is unanimous here...speedy!!
  3. yep - another vote for speedy.
  4. Yup, Speedy is my vote, too. I'm actually 90% sure I'll be going out to pick up a 30 in the Azur tomorrow also!! Super excited for you and me! :smile:
  5. Speedy.

    I would also consider the azur neverfull. It's very summery and the vachetta ages nicer bc it's not hand held.
  6. Another speedy vote. Got a 35 for my summer bag.
  7. Speedy! Just got my 35 too :smile:
  8. Speedy :smile:
  9. Beautiful choice! Enjoy!
  10. A speedy 30.
  11. Definitely speedy! Love azur also have the never full mm in azure;)

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  12. Speedy
  13. Congrats !! We are the bag twin :heart::heart:
  14. Congrats!