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Which Tano Are You Wearing Today?

Voodoo Posted By Voodoo Posted Feb 6, 2009

  1. Berry Blue Women Unite here....(she hasn't been put away yet haha)
  2. The lovely boot brown lhasa apso - my favorite Friday bag.
  3. Black up close and personal!
  4. my anti-chic, of course. currently my only Tano...i couldn't imagine having enough tanos for each day of the week...!! (though at this rate, who knows...) i tend to stay with one bag for a while tho, or change based on outfit if necessary...
  5. Have I mentioned how much I want my grape FF to arrive? (Yes, I know. I've mentioned it one million times). I only have one other Tano, and I'm not carrying it today. I'm carrying a very cute Fossil fabric bag.
  6. grape shopper! until i got my grape Neither Paper Nor Plastic! i wanna use my berry blue Minilisa when spring hits :biggrin:
  7. My cobalt Rapunzel. I had two classes today and I was able to fit all of my junk in it, including my big laptop.
  8. i really like the idea for this thread! :biggrin: its fun , seeing what other tanos across the country are up to :woohoo: yay voodoo!
  9. B.B. (BB Biker Babe) and I have been inseparable!
  10. I need some more pics Voodoo. I don't know what my fascination with this bag is but I am enjoying watching it break in.

    If you had asked me two days ago I would've told you my Grape Boogie. But I am not carrying a Tano at the moment.
  11. ^^Are you joking....you want me to take pictures of my WU?! :lol: I will happily oblige..... but I'm cooking at the moment ...but I will in a bit. :p
  12. No joking!!! I wanna see moreeeeee!
  13. Yay! Okay...as soon as Battlestar Galactica is over hehe
  14. I think, when I run errands this weekend I will wear my pineapple minilisa!!
  15. I can't believe it's been a full 30 days since I got her!

    Without flash:


    With flash