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Which jewellery should I choose to wear everyday ?

Annanson0306 Posted By Annanson0306 Posted Aug 20, 2013

  1. I love both pieces. I love the first at work as bracelets are more comfortable than bangles if you type much, but the second design is just lovely. May I know where you got your second piece from?
  2. Thanks 😊 both pieces I got it at Singapore from Poh Heng jewellery .
  3. If you only want to wear one I'd go with the second.

    Your bangle is so pretty! :love:
  4. Thanks 😊
  5. Same def second
  6. Thanks 😊 I leaning more towards the second one now 😁
  7. The second one. For many years i wore a gold bangle everyday. It was my signature piece. But i took it off since having my 2nd baby a few months back to avoid scratching the baby
  8. Thanks .. Congrats to u having a baby 😊
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  10. Thanks for the info, Anna. :smile:
  11. 2nd wearing them together!
  12. I like the bangle but show us a pic of them on