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Which Dooney are you carrying today??

MiaBorsa Posted By MiaBorsa Posted Jan 2, 2013

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  1. OK, let's kick things off with a "purse of the day" thread!! I'm carrying my navy florentine twisted-strap hobo. :love:

  2. I'm carrying my gorgeous bordeaux mini satchel today! :love:

  3. HEY GF!!! :love: That bag is STUNNING!!! I'm glad you found the new Dooney board!! YAY!!! :woohoo: (Love the avatar, too!!)
  4. i am carrying my valerie in tmoro brown. the most beautiful brown color ever!!


  5. Hi GF, Your bag is STUNNING also. I'm sure glad you sent me an email letting me know the Dooney forum was up!!! I think this will be a great place to post once I get use to it! :tpfrox:
  6. Love you hobo GF!!!!
  7. Hey Jadite!!!!!

    OMG!!! I believe that is one of the prettiest bags you own!!!!!! That color is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks!! :heart:
  9. Valerie is a WINNER!! Gorgeous!
  10. Yeah, I think you will like it here.

  11. Thanks T, she is definitely one of my favorites!!
  12. Hi ladies! I am so excited about our Dooney & Bourke forum! :yahoo: Beautiful bags ladies, I am carring my orange patent leather Sharif!

  13. Love your avatar Jadite!

  14. thank you!!!:smile: it is my favorite dooney bag style in my favorite dooney color!!
  15. Um...that doesn't look like a DOONEY, Pam. :lolots: (Gorgeous bag, though!!)
Thread Status:
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