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When is Saks sale??

girlie_girl Posted By girlie_girl Posted May 19, 2012

  1. Do you need a saks card to pre-sale? Someone posted that those with no saks card have to wait until sat to pre-sale.
  2. technically, the current presale period is for saks cardholders til Sat. however, if you do not have a saks card, most sas will still allow you to presale now by taking your card information and holding the merchandise to be presaled on Saturday.

    I'm not a saks cardholder and have never had a problem presaling using this method. If the SA doesn't offer it upfront, you should mention it and generally they will acquiesce.
  3. Can you still do exchange or return with preorder if the size don't fit well or watever ? N what happens if the item you purchased got marked down more can you still get price adjustment ?
  4. Yea I wa wondering the same thing if it gets marked down or second cut do they price adjust it? Thanks
  5. To answer your first question, yes you may exchange or return/refund sale items within Saks' return policy limits (30 days).

    Regarding second question, it's a case by case basis. I've done price adjustments from first to second cut, unsure if that is policy but I've worked w/ the same SA for awhile so she knows me. I have heard that no PA's are given from first to second cut. PA's are only issued within 7-14 days from when you purchased the item at full retail to when the first cut was done.

    Perhaps someone else with previous experience can chime in as well.
  6. Thanks! I was thinking about stopping by tomorrow.

    Anyone know when do they usually do the 2nd cut?
  7. Usually a couple weeks after first cut began.


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  11. Still more from Jonathan at Saks Atlanta

    Marine $1320 sale $923.99
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    navy bluette $1395 sale $975.99

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  12. Yet more

    Beige cream coloniale $1750 sale $1224.99
    Black. $1985 sale $1324.99
    Brucite $1895 sale $1325.99
    Pomice $1985 sale $1395.98

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  13. And again....

    Cream Vera $2050 sale $1434.99
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    Brown Jura $1890 sale $1332.99
    Python blue teal $3795 sale $2655.99
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  14. thank you ladies for the photos!