Louis Vuitton

== What's your LV item that's nearest to you while reading this? ==

ptptpt Posted By ptptpt Posted May 31, 2009

  1. My Speedy 30 Damier azur (since 2008 :smile:)
  2. My NF GM stuffed to the max after a day at uni.
  3. I love my agenda. Comes everywhere with me x
  4. Mono NF MM
  5. Trevi on her way back from visiting the LV at King of Prussia.
  6. :ty:
  7. My Alma and my Smitten.
  8. Speedy Mono 30
  9. NF roses.
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    My Limited Edition Blocks Tote. Mainly because I just updated my avatar.

    Beautiful Gal.....

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  11. mono noe
  12. My cabas rivington! got it for a while now but i still cant stop looking at it, so beautiful! :biggrin:
  13. my mono trocadero 27 which is currently on my lap as im writing this on my phone... :biggrin: