What's your favorite Longchamp bag?

peacelovesequin Posted By peacelovesequin Posted Mar 6, 2014

  1. In celebration of the new Longchamp forum, share your Longchamp favorite bag (one that you currently own or have owned).

    At the moment I have two, my Jeremy Scott leopard flourish travel bag and Eiffel Tower le pliage (I brought it at the Longchamp boutique in Paris for my birthday).

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  2. Lovely bags. My favorite out of my two is the small (small per Longchamp, medium by unanimous opinion) LM Metal in old gold. It's so understated but always draws attention. I plan to order a custom le pliage in size 3 sometime soon 😊
  3. Mine's definitely the LM Cuir. Pretty, great quality, and very functional!

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  4. I have the LM Metal in navy and always receive compliments.
  5. Beautiful bag!
  6. Mine is the Au Sultan satchel!

  7. Love the Au Sultan! Thought about getting it when it went on sale at Neimans last fall.
  8. balzane

  9. The simple, and oh so handy Le Pliage Large nylon tote with long handles! :smile:
  10. The large Gatsby Sport Satchel. Love it!!!!
  11. My balzanes. Cross body and hobo.
  12. My favorites are my LM metal in white and gold. I use the white during the warm months and the gold during the cold ones. Perfect!
  13. Mine is the Planètes line: durable, lightweight and chic :smile: