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What's inside your LV?

Posted By BagAngel Posted Jan 22, 2009

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  2. @all my cash concerned ladies- No, I didnt rob a bank :smile: (I wish kinda..hey its a recession). I went shopping yesterday, its better for me to take cash as its tangible and makes me spend less.
  3. Can I go shopping with you?? I would LOOOOVE to have that kind of cash to go shopping with!! :drool:
  4. My goodness woman! Tell us, what did you buy????
  5. I guess I'll start again:p, Inside my Whistler:heart:.




  6. Love, love, LVOE it! The Groom Agenda, the TPF on the phone, the cash :graucho:
  7. redDuchess and latinmalemodel ... the next time you two are going shopping let me know I could do with some help on my wishlist below :p:girlsigh:
  8. Inside my Damier Speedy 30!
    It's forever changing!! :smile:

    My purse and her insides.

    And all the stuff that I can shove in there.
    *The book wasn't inside the purse for the first picture because it covered everything. T_T

  9. LVOES it for many reasons, mostly the cash, but mainly the PurseForum being displayed on the Phone.....and all the LV goodies

    @NeedAnotherBag- I actually couldn't find anything, my back is currently hurting, and I really wanted a Navy bag...which are apparently hard to find :sad:, so I went home, then the next morning I set out for the Gucci outlet, which should be called "FAKE OUTLET"(due to the lack of what I would consider outlet deals), so a day later, $ is back in the bank...which in lieu of the economy is probably the best place for it.
  10. For a guy, I think I carry a lot around with me every day.

    Contents include:
    MacBook Air + Power adapter
    Apple Headphones
    USB thumb drive
    Notebook + Loose leafed papers
    Mont Blanc Pen & Pencil
    Mont Blanc Notepad
    Hermes Ulysee (larger notepad)
    Hermes Vision II Zip (wallet)
    Kleenex + Handkerchief
    Sunglasses + Case
    iPhone 3G
    Keys + Chapstick + Gum



  11. WOW! That's alot of stuff you got in your 30. :nuts: I never knew so much could fit in there!
  12. [​IMG]

    cash rules everything around me dollar dollar bills ya'll
  13. I have the same makeup bag (pink VS) inside my mono speedy 25! i love it :smile: kinda hard to get in and out but i love the color :smile:
  14. latinmalemodel: I absolutely love your bag and accessories!!
  15. Thanks whalenme and everyone else:flowers:
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