What's In Your Mulberry Bag?

goldfinch_uk Posted By goldfinch_uk Posted Jan 27, 2008

  1. In my lovely Black Buffalo Bays today:
    Dior Ultimate wallet
    Aspinal of London makeup bag containing: 2 blushes (UD and Nars), blush brush (MAC), 2 eye pencils (Chanel and UD), 4 lipsticks (MAC and Estée Lauder), 2 lipglosses (Dior and MAC, 1 lip balm (Labello), a pair of tweezers (Sephora), hair tie and hair grips, concealer (Benefit)
    Huge Lancel pouch with: mini deodorant, mints, hand sanitizer, female product, bag hook, mirror, comb, hand cream, iPhone cable, tissues, wipes
    Velvetine python skin pouch containing: band aids, painkillers and mini toothpaste + toothbrush
    Givenchy sunglasses in their case
    iPhone 4gs in red Michael Kors case
    LV Groom round purse
    Portable iPhone charger

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  2. My way too overstuffed Bays Oak - I don't normally carry this much though...

    Work laptop
    MBA 11"
    Kikki-K planner
    Leather notebook
    Makeup pouch
    Coach wristlet as a wallet
    Blackberry (workphone)
    Dior Sunnies
    Work pass

    (not in pic) My iphone that I used to take the picture and my keys

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  3. In my OS Alexa in Oak I have...
    My brown Ted Baker Purse
    Hand wipes
    A5 Filofax in Purple
    Car keys to my new BMW
    Make up bag
    Radley reusable bag
    ....with plenty of room left over :smile:
  4. [​IMG]

    Mulberry Alexa Reg in Oak :love:
    Mulberry Somerset wallet/purse in Oak :love:
    Mullberry Heart Key/bag charm in Oak :heart:
    Filofax personal ' Malden' in vintage pink :love:
    Kindle + Cath Kid cover :love:
    Cath Kid Dolly :girlsigh:
    Hand bac
    Hand cream
    Le Sport sac makeup bag :heart:

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    :wondering Forgot the inside photo (My Mulberry Reg size)


    Using my mobile to take photo

  6. Your Kindle case is gorgeous! Cath K is my other love :smile:
  7. ....a load of junk (as usual)...I really MUST have a declutter!....
  8. I'm surprised you can get your Chanel sunglasses case in there with that long purse, i struggle like hell to and have now ended up swapping Chanel cases (i have a less 'rounded' Chanel case) when i use my reg Lily.
    It's either that or use the small Somerset purse - then i can get the 'rounded' Chanel case in there.
  9. Thanks, lovely lady on eBay makes them :smile: think it was around £9 love it esp as has a side flap opening.
  10. It's a tight fit and I probably do squash the front too much than I should! I tend to have the purse diagonal inside which gives some space at the top front if you know what I mean.
  11. Here's whats in my fab ltd ed oak ostrich + mini mila in fudge ostrich

    ostrich lily;
    Fudge ostrich french purse
    harrods pouch full of c/cards.
    gold address book
    gold schaf.pen
    i phone in fudge ostrich cover
    few papers

    mini mila;
    samsung s2 and not the i phone in pic needed to take the pic with it.

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  12. Very nice, I just love this bag!
  13. J.A.N Do you like ostrich or something? :biggrin:
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    I know its the best.;)

    Ha ha ha ha very funny.
    Im absolutely mad on it actually as you can see.
    Its my fav leather cant you tell ha ha ha :graucho:
    Took it to the hof in reading was expecting a big store and it was tiny didnt buy anything.
    Black forest bays and del rey caught my eye.
    It chucked it down lucky i had my mulberry tote to hide my lily in.