What's in your Bbag?

ranskimmie Posted By ranskimmie Posted Jun 2, 2006

  1. Money, some make up materials, some important document, medicines etc.
  2. In my Ardoise RGGH City :

    Anthropologie wallet
    Metro card
    Clinique lip gloss
    Tocca Graciella roller ball
    Hand sanitizer

    I don't carry much, I guess.
  3. Hello just wanted to share with all of you what's inside my 2011 Black Balenciaga Part Time with Giant Gold Hardware today! Enjoy! :heart:

  4. RGGH Black Part Time loaded up with sparkly goodies:

    '12 Coquelicot Click and Iphone
    '12 Cassis RGGH Money
    '13 Mini Gold Key/Coin
    Rose Gold sequin and red velvet fold over clutch
    Rose Gold sequin pouch

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  5. Inside.....and still lots of room available.

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  7. Beautiful bag, beautiful stuff!
  8. Love your SLGs!!!!
  9. Thank you! :heart:
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    Tiffany & Co. Continental wallet
    Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses
    Tiffany & Co. Coin purse
    Tiffany & Co. Card holder
    Tiffany & Co. Eyeglasses
    Tiffany & Co. Cosmetic pouch
  11. P U R S E G U T S ♥

    I ♥ my grgh bleu lavande

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  12. money and credit card lol
  13. My rose buyree giant 12 rghw. Lovin this bag!

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  14. i LOVE your balenciaga. is this bag still available, or is the seasonf or it over? ive been dying for electric blue/ cobalt blue.. and i am very picky w/ designers and styles.