The Kitchen

What's for lunch?

Chantilly0379 Posted By Chantilly0379 Posted Mar 9, 2010

  1. raw foods
  2. roast beef lol
  3. tofu lettuce wraps
  4. dim sum
  5. Leftovers from last night, turkey burger and some mac & cheese.
  6. A Totino's cheese pizza!!! :drool:
  7. English muffin mini pizza (mini english muffin topped with spaghetti sauce, cheese, pepperoni's and chopped bell pepper).
  8. pad thai
  9. I just made myself a pretty salad. DH said I should take a photo of it so I did! :biggrin:

    pretty salad.jpg
  10. Ham & Swiss sandwich
  11. Veggie sushi from Whole Foods
  12. I had Chicken and Waffles in downtown Detroit. So yummy!
  13. turkey sandwich on pumperknickle and italian wedding soup from my favourite little coffee shop!
  14. I made myself a soy veggie burger and piled on plenty of salad.

  15. It IS pretty!! :flowers: