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What Will Be My ONE L.A.M.B. of the Nordies Sale?

knasarae Posted By knasarae Posted Mar 26, 2008


Which Bag for the Nordstrom Sale?

  1. Bullseye Montego

  2. Jacquard Kerry - Black/Natural

  3. Jacquard Kerry - Black/Black

  4. Jacquard Kerry - Mushroom

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  1. You'll love it!!! I still prefer the Mandeville in some prints, like Lipstick cause I don't want too much patent on the bag. But to me the Montego "feels" no bigger than the Mandeville but the setup allows it to be much roomier. I hope that made sense!
  2. Go for a montego Lindsay! I loooove the shape of this bag. When the very first season came out I wasn't into it...but when I saw it in person in the rasta print I just had to have it and bought it on the spot! You should go play around with one at a Nordstrom...but beware, you might end up buying it on the spot too!