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What was your last buy on ebay?

NewPurse Posted By NewPurse Posted Jun 30, 2010

  1. true religion emma Jeans for me and some super cute Joe's Jeans for my son :smile:
  2. YSL waffle knit l/s top, from Simonesato.

    (last interesting purchase anyway...lots of small cosmetics items since then)
  3. some additional dinnerware pieces (plates & bowls) for my set that's discontinued.

    oh - and some Coach keyfobs
  4. cartier tank solo, iro moto jacket, new naturino kids shoes *2, amazing shearling jacket (I am back to a total eBay obsession right now..)
  5. A pair of Kork Ease slides.
  6. United Bamboo winter coat.
  7. Dayum!! :tup:
  8. a mobile for my boyfriend
  9. Lenon China octagon shaped candle box
  10. Coach poppy bangle, jazzy and maggie
  11. I just bought 4 bottles of China Glaze polish for under $25! It was ba-nan-as
  12. antique keychain
  13. An LV bag I've been wanting but paypal says it won't accept the payment on seller's account:sad:
  14. A used Macbook. My last handbag purchase from eBay was a Kate Spade Napoli Small Anabel. Got it brand new with everything for a great deal!
  15. I had two purchases in one day - Hung season one, and Weeds season 1-5.
    Both were excellent sellers and super fast shipping.