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What SHOES are you wearing today?

IntlSet Posted By IntlSet Posted Mar 14, 2008

  1. Gorgeous Chanels! Absolutely love them!
  2. Donald Pliner Strappy Lace-up Heels

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  3. Wow talk about gorgeous these shoes are fantastic.
  4. Thank you so much. They are really comfortable too.
  5. Went to Summer Ball last night!!

    After months of practice I finally wore my Casadei Blades - combined with my Gucci dress

    Had wonderful time, DH said I look fabulous. I think he was a bit jealous with amount of attention I got. Not often you get chance to really dress up

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  6. Thank you! I love the color combination of green and purple with the red heart jewels. :smile:
  7. Oh my!! Those fierce Casadeis deserved to be seen, and not hidden under that gorgeous Gucci dress! Beautiful pairing!
  8. Hot stuff!
  9. Thanks Coco I am still on a bit of a high having managed to go most of the evening wearing them, and looking elegant and not tripping over! :yahoo:
    The dress has a side split so actually they were revealed to all as I walked around, a bit Angelina like. I could only manage a few slow dances with DH whilst wearing them but I was floating on cloud nine, :cloud9:well actually higher than cloud none given the height of those heels:heart:

  10. Yay!! You were victorious in maintaining elegance in the Casadei blades! And, that was no small achievement in those heels! I hear both, the joy and relief in your words.

    A side split, revealing the legs and heels is very sexy! :loveeyes: Sounds like an unforgettable night at the ball with your DH!

  11. Matisse jeweled sandals

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  12. cute detail
  13. Those shoes are amazing!
  14. Sandals i bought on my trip to beirut

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  15. Those are sexy!