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What is your recent handbag purchase :D?

annaversary Posted By annaversary Posted Jun 26, 2008

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  1. :loveeyes:
  2. Just got a Coach Anna Sui Dragonfly Duffle. I'm in love!!
  3. this a true beauty
  4. Got her today! She's a little stiff but that will change when I start using her :smile: (picture is with the paper filling inside)

  5. Thanks!!
  6. Very, very pretty!!
  7. Just got my first Tory Burch at the outlets in Wrentham, MA -- the foldover City Messenger Bag!!! :smile:

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  8. Chanel Jumbo GH :heart:

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  9. Stunning bag! I adore the style and especially love the color!!! So jealous! :smile: :smile: Enjoy!!
  10. Were the bags cheaper in Venice? Im planning a trip to Italy and wondered how much cheaper the bags were.
  11. Thanks!
  12. Burberry nova check tote preloved
  13. YSL Muse XL in black
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