what is your last hermes purchase?

jag Posted By jag Posted Jun 19, 2010

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  1. Beautiful Iris bag goddess, the colour is rich and vibrant. Many congrats on your new B wing nut, I'm fast becoming a real fan of fjord it is the perfect workhorse leather.
  2. I LOVE to wear H Scarfs as much as I LOVE my carrying Birkins!!
    Here's my recent finds at the H sale last weekend....:yahoo:

    From Left - Right
    Zodiaque in Absinthe/Soufre/Bois De Rose CW
    Brazil in Mangue/Corail/Kaki CW
    Per Astra Ad Astra in Rouge Vif/Vert Vif/Grenadine CW
    En Avant Toute in Bleu Lavande/Brun/Vieux CW
    En Avant Toute in Marine/Blanc/Rouge Cerise CW
    Folies Du Ciel in Amande/Absinthe/Brun CW
    Scarf Ring in Palladium​

  3. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:HOHOHO!!!! LOVE YOUR RAINBOW COLLECTION. CONGRATS!!!!BIG TIME!!!!
  4. Thank You..My Dear Miyake!! There's so much more that I wanted at the last minute..but now, I know what to get, in addition to more scarves @ the next sale this summer!
  5. Hermes only!! I am so envious of your Zodiaque in Absinthe/Soufre/Bois De Rose CW

    Congrats dear!
  6. my latest hermes purchase...

    some fabulous heels...

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  7. Gorgeous!!!! Congratulations!
  8. HermesOnly .. congrats on the silks and scarf ring:nuts:
  9. Loving all the new goodies. Congratz! Enjoy all of them in good health!
  11. Congratulations for the beautiful new H items everyone!! I haven't myself posted for a while (sorry folks, I have been lazy), so here comes my newest tresures for the past two months..
    First the Riding boots! Have used them few times already, sorry, they look a bit wrinkled. Beside is my new Ex Libris stole in light pink. So soft and warm!
    The fabulous 35 etoupe Kelly in Swift! Snuggled with my new cashmere baby, pink/brown Chewal sur mon Carre. :love: Can't believe I found it!
    The etoupe Kelly iwth the bright orange Ex Libris cashmere shawl. The shawl is brighter than I thought but will be great in the spring and summer! Hopefully the quality will be flawless on this one, wasn't it this pattern that has been having problems..
  12. I was so happy to find this! A 32 ebene Kelly in clemence. :heart::heart::heart: Looks lovely with the orange Ex Libris, don't you think!

    This is such a GORGEUS cw for this classic Grand Apparat! I am normally a bit cautious with very strong color combinations but this one is just stunning!
    Goes pretty well with my new SO Kelly 22 (togo in Havanne)...
  13. ... and the ebene Kelly. Here's also my first H wallet, a Dogon in orange!
    And last but not least, oh such a wonderful green Ex Libris dip dye from the new SS2011 collection! LOVE it! I hope the pics so how gorgeus green color this is, so deep and luscious. It is even more beautiful than I thought. My first Dip Dye:yahoo:
    That was it folks, hope you enjoyed! Sorry I used so much space, I try to post more often..
  14. Wow, gorgeous goodies! Keep them coming everyone.
  15. congrats:smile: love that green dip dye!
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