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What is a good carat weight for diamond studs?

sdkitty Posted By sdkitty Posted Dec 19, 2007

  1. Totally second this. The thickness of the earlobe and the size of it would affect how huge the studs look. I suppose it's the earring equivalent of finger size & ring coverage?:biggrin:
  2. My .50 each studs were in for repair and I bought a pair of CZ's to wear. They were .75 ct each and I thought they were way too big. They drooped and I had to use ear nuts along with the earring backs to keep them pointed out. I'm really happy that mine are smaller. I wear them every day and also into night.
  3. Hi I just ordered my earrings today but will take 2 weeks to get made up. I ordered same as you, 2.5 ctw (so 1.25ct each earring). Can you post a pic of yours to see them on? I'm hoping I'll be happy with the size. I've asked for a martini setting but I'm debating if I the basket set makes them maybe look bigger again!!! I hate being so indecisive sometimes lol
  4. I want a pair of diamond studs. Cant decide how big they should be. I am 5'7, medium built. how big is too big? I have quite a few pairs of diamond earrings but just not classic studs. suggestions?I have a nickel allergy so a lot of the jewelers are off limits unless it is platinum.
  5. i think the size of the studs really depends on the size of your earlobes. just like engagement rings, the same carat diamond can look really different on a size 3 finger vs. a size 7. i think you should try them on and see which carat weight for your ears will work best.
  6. I finally got my earrings :smile:
    I was so excited and just wanted to post my pic of them to share. In the end I had upgraded again just slightly. So they are a 2.60 tcw. I'm not sure I'm 100% keen on the martini set. But for now this will do & I still can't help but admire them. I guess if it bothers me I can always change the setting to the other 1 I wanted!!! :s

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  7. Wow. Pretty
  8. Look great!!!
  9. Wow! It looks GORGEOUS! Perfect size for you! :love: :love:
    So happy for you!
  10. They look gorgeous!!!
    Martinis are best IMO at this size due to dropping/hanging issues w/ a basket since they would sit up off your ear more.
  11. Stunning!
  12. Gorgeous on your ear...perfect size!

    I agree...also more light saturation/sparkle! Not as much metal as with a basket setting.
    Also try elephant backs (ex-large backs) too. I have them with my studs/martini setting...the earring really sits well on the ear.
  13. perfect size
  14. Gorgeous! I think the size is perfect for you earlobe!! Are they set in 18k white gold? Or platinum? ;)
  15. Current size is 0.30 carat each ear. Would love to upgrade to at least 0.50 - 0.75 carat each ear.

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