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What does your room look like? *pics*

tresjoliex Posted By tresjoliex Posted Jul 29, 2008

  1. actually no.. we just moved into DH's grandmother's house..everything i bought is still in storage for my one day house :p unless dh talks his grandmother into remodeling. the only place i got to decorate was our bedroom.
  2. I buy things all of the time for my one day house. Lol
  3. :bump:
  4. phew! DH always yells at me but can you imagine how much more money he would be shelling out all at once. i figure that small doses is better! lol.:graucho:

  5. Your room is adorable..
  6. Love those pics... beautiful.. thanks for sharing
  7. WOW beautiful room..
  8. Cute room...I love sheep stuff to! I love the stuffed animals that u have :smile:
  9. Moved into our new apt a couple of months back and furnishing is ongoing.
    Bedroom is almost done just need to put up my chandelier and mayb a rug
    Excuse the dresser mess

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  10. Thread is a little dead, but I recently switched out a boring/dated ceiling fan for a new lighting fixture in my room and thought I'd share..

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  11. So lovely.
  12. Your room is beautiful!
  13. When I saw your Prada sign it reminded me of the tv show Gossip Girl (my guilty pleasure!) because one of the socialite-characters has the same sign in their luxe penthouse... Yours looks so much better with your decor, though!
  14. Thanks dear, I just made new pictures! I added a vintage floor lamp and new couch!

  15. omg that room looks amazing!