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What are you cooking tonight?

carolinagirl73 Posted By carolinagirl73 Posted Mar 22, 2007

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  1. porterhouse steak, steak fries & tomato, burratta & basil salad

  2. Yum!
  3. Saturday: went out for Mexican
  4. salad nicoise w/salmon
  5. Going over parents house for dinner.
  6. Chicken tagine with sweet potato and carrot served with coconut rice.
  7. roast chicken w/roasted veggies
  8. carrot soup and Breaded Pork Chop with greens
  9. Chicken and dumpling soup.
  10. Going out to celebrate Mardi Gras
  11. scallops , salad & steak fries
  12. King prawn in lemon sauce and pasta
  13. :drool:

  14. Going out for dinner.
  15. Pepper steak
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.