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Watch + Bracelet + Bracelet...etc...

prettysquare Posted By prettysquare Posted Apr 23, 2011

  1. [​IMG]




    I have no idea if these will work. I have never tried to post a picture here. I just copied and pasted these. Please forgive if it doesn't work. These are not mine, btw.​
  2. *~*Great thread!!! :love: I'm loving all of these pics...I have a couple to add; the first pic is Adrienne Bailon & the second is a random pic I found on Tumblr...*~*



    Credit: Tumblr

  3. the second look.
  4. I love these. More! More!
  5. Great thread! :drool:
  6. LOVE this one

    I have the same watch and think of it as my trust Bulova too!
    I too wear this look..layering with my watch, and I've gotten funkier over time. I have tiny wrists though, so no bangles here, and I usually only do two bracelets with my watches. I'll post pictures next time I think to take one.
  7. I love that look! I wore 3 bracelet with my Michele watch the other day!
  8. Luving this thread, hope it goes on, and on, and on, and on!
  9. Please do share :smile:
    I was just admiring the Michele watch from Justlurking's post.
    Simple to over-the-top, I'm pretty much liking all the variations right now.


  10. This is what I really enjoy about this layered look. You can rock it with your Cartier and tennis bracelet, but it also looks great with beaded bracelets (that's what the second picture looks like to me).

    This look is cool to me because it takes something that could be fussy (gold watch with gold bracelets) and adds that cuteness and playfulness with the leather bow.

    Thanks lanasyogamama, and Pure-LA. I'll try to keep it up.

    skphotoimages, I also have very thin wrists, this is actually how I ended up wearing my bangles and bracelets above my watch because my watch is fitted to my size and it keeps whatever else I wear from slipping off.
  11. ohmygosh :heart: the bow bracelet!! Loving the leather/gold combo as well :smile:
  12. Another look where a silk scarf is used to emphasize the wrist.


    The multi-sized chains are the main focus. I'm going to try this with some of my necklaces. I'll be out no money while trying a look that isn't usually what I'd go for.
    Photos from Tommy Ton.
  13. *~*Gorgeous stack!!! I almost bought that MK watch until I saw the SS looks fab on you!! :drool: If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the bow?? LOVE IT.*~*
  14. *~*Thanks for the info!!*~*