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Vintage Bags anyone?

S'Mom Posted By S'Mom Posted Apr 25, 2006

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    i'm a fan! :heart: my collection is of the more recent eras, though. not just bags but shoes and clothes too. i'm now mad crazy about sunnies and shades.

    etienne aigner accordion bag and ea suede-patent leather boots

    bonia leather bucket and leather shoes from an old local shop

    assorted bags


    vintage patchwork sling bag

  2. [​IMG]



    vintage bausch & lomb


  3. great stuff glossie!

    I've been hitting up my local thrift shops the last couple of days and found THIS!
    "Meier & Frank Co Inc" made in England
  4. ^^That's a nice bag, look at that suede lining!

    Here are a few of my vintage bags:

    Whiting & Davis




    Bottega Veneta

  5. great thread! I don't have vintage bags but very interesting... I wish everyone would post pictures! i would love to see everyone's collections!
  6. more 'new' vintage shoes

  7. I love those Ferragamo's!
  8. I made the mistake of going on Etsy.com today and sure enough I found myself scanning dozens of pages of vintage bags (I swear, just to look..heh). There were a few etienne bags that I considered, but this one ended up catching my eye...

    How adorable is this?

    1960s, genuine leather, top handle and chain shoulder strap. Three compartment interior.

    And a little attached green leather wallet on the inside.

    Of course I bought it :rolleyes:...at least it was on sale.
    I will most definitely post my own pictures once I receive it in the mail.
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    Here are a few of mine:

    Etienne Aigner from late 70s


    Gucci (my first! bought in Gucci in Rome) it's in TERRIBLE shape because after moving a few times, I just found it. Don't know if it's too far gone to salvage or not, but I saved forever for it way back when and I will have it always.


    Another Gucci from early eighties


    Coach from late eighties - maybe 1990


    Vintage ostrich wallet


    Vintage evening bag


    Trying again...
  10. Aigner 1.jpg

    Aigner 2.jpg

    Coach vintage.jpg

    Gucci Vintage 1.jpg

    Gucci vintage 2.jpg
  11. Gucci vintage 3.JPG

    Vintage 1.jpg

    vintage ostrich wallet.jpg
  12. LOVE THOSE BAGS!!! Those are fab glossie, leothelnss and irishlass. I adore that shell-shaped one in the last group.
  13. Thanks gga! Sorry about the pics - I tried to post them like I always have before with a link and the [ img] things and for the first time, it didn't work! So I learned the paperclip thingie (sort of) but looks like I shrunk them too much. I will try to learn thumbnails next.

    I am a dork.
  14. lol, I still haven't been able to get pics to post directly into a post. I have to attach them. So I'll join you in dorkhood then. We can be dorks together.
  15. Was going to start a thread like this but did a search and came across this one...here are three of my little vintage treasures.

    1) 70's 'Simboli' Dr.'s Bag -Limited Edition- 249/250 hand made (Purchase in the 70's at "Chaussures", a cool, trendy clothing boutique on Monroe Avenue in Brighton (New York). They specialized in fantastic, designer shoes and interesting jewelry, clothing and accessories, closed about 3 years ago.

    2) Late 60's 'Etienne Aigner' Speedy-Love, Love, Love this bag!

    3) 80's 'Ohh! Ashley' Embossed Genuine Leather Flared Hobo

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