TV Shows with Hermes

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  1. Thanks, dear. :hugs:

    Fairly Legal, season 2, episode 3.

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  2. I was watching the Styling June or something like that on VH1 yesterday. Its stylist June Ambrose's reality show. There was tons of H. Several CDC's, a couple different birkins, and a CDC belt (worn by Trina the rapper).
  3. Below is a video of gay marriage proposal. One of the diners had a Kelly Dog on her.

  4. I am not an expert, but it looks like a Kelly. If not, maybe it is a Chanel bag with that quilting?
  5. I have posted these in the Lindy thread but thought it would be a good idea to put them into here too. It is a meeting with Jean-Claude Ellena (creator of Hermes Jardin fragrances) and Catherine Fulconis (Hermes a divisional CEO) discussing the devlopement of the latest jardin, and is fascinating to watch.

    (View from 12.40 into the clip)

    And is continued here:


    It's such an intereresting study in smells role in memory that the rest of episodes are well worth a watch.
  6. The Real Housewives of Vancouver, season 1, episode 1.

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    The Real Housewives of Vancouver
    Season 1 Episode 1

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  9. The Real Housewives of Vancouver, season 1, episode 2.

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  10. The Real Housewives of Vancouver, season 1, episode 3.

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  11. The latest Smash episode with Uma Thurman as a guest star. She uses an ebene?/toile 35 Kelly Lakis phw - I'm guessing it's hers!
  12. WOW!! There's H everywhere!!!!
  13. House of Consignment
    Season 1 Episode 5

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  14. House of Consignment
    Season 1 Episode 6

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  15. She has such great style:smile: