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tPF Christmas tree thread!! :)

SunglassLove Posted By SunglassLove Posted Nov 22, 2011

  1. So adorable!
  2. :bump:

    Anyone decorating early this year?:xtree:
  3. Here's one of mine. The pic was taken before my cat decided to redecorate it, plus I added a few more ornaments.
    The Santa's belonged to my mother, who passed in January, and the star, on the top, was one of the few things left from her home, that burned. My husband buffed and painted it so I thought it was the perfect tree topper. This is a very special tree to me.❤️

    *Probably way too early for a real tree but oh well. :biggrin:

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  4. I'll start decorating next weekend...after thanksgiving ;)
  5. Your tree is lovely. How wonderful that you were able to save those ornaments from your mom. I love having all my ornaments that have been passed down. It really does make it feel special.
  6. Ha, didn't realize I was looking at last year's trees.
  7. Winston's tree

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  8. Winston is soooo cute! :smile:
  9. ^^^ ^^ ^beautiful trees, ladies!

    ^so cute that your pup gets his own tree :heart:
  10. Here's a cell picture of my first tree!

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  11. YAY!! So happy to see the trees starting to show up for 2013!!
  12. This isn't mine, but my mum's.

    Makes me miss home so much! :sad: