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tPF Christmas tree thread!! :)

Posted By SunglassLove Posted Nov 22, 2011

  1. We aren't putting our tree up this year as we are moving house but this is last year.
    Next year we will have our first real tree!
  2. [​IMG]

    Here's my village. I have another little house, but it didn't fit, lol
  3. Love your little village. Especially love the M&M factory.

    Everyone's tree's look great!! Can't wait to decorate my home for Christmas.
  4. So cute!!
  5. Beautiful tree and house!
  6. I really can't wait to put up the tree, been looking forward to it since Christmas was over last year lol. Have to wait 'till I get back from Iceland in 2 weeks. Hope the cat and -not- puppy - anymore- will keep the tree alive this year lol
  7. This is SO cute! I love it!
  8. Love it!!! Especially how you raised the back to give it depth! So stinking cute!
  9. ^what a cheerful tree!

    ^that's a cute village setup!
  10. Loving all the latest photos!
  11. i love looking at everyone' tree's!!

    here is mine

  12. I like the momma & baby trees next to each other!
  13. thank you!! :smile:
  14. image-2650636104.jpg

    Here is mine! Great thread!
  15. Rats!! I just realized that with the new TV stand I bought for my new flat screen, I no longer have any extra surface space to put out my Xmas houses. Damn!

    I do have a table in the basement that I could bring up for the Xmas season I suppose.

    My tree will likely go up this weekend.