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Togo, Clemence and Fjord ... PICS ONLY!!!!

jag Posted By jag Posted Jan 17, 2009

  1. Please post photos of your bags in Togo, Clemence and Fjord. Please indicate the color name, style bag, and leather of the bag you are posting.

    Please remember this is a picture only thread... NO CHATTER!!!

    Thank you!
  2. tabac clemance...

  3. Raisin in togo. Without and with flash
  4. raisin togo....
  5. rouge vif fjord
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  6. orange clemance
  7. vert fonce fjord
  8. picotin, MM, gold, clemence

  9. 32 vert olive kelly gh
    35 blue jean togo birkin, phw
    35 black togo birkin ghw
  10. Vert Fonce Fjord Birkin

    Photo Credit Luxury Shops
  11. 35 gold togo phw birkin
  12. Rouge VIF Fjord (with little to no veining) 32 sellier Kelly w/PH--

  13. Cafe Clemence Birkin 35 GH
  14. Raisin Clemence Victoria FT PH
  15. Fjord HAC 32cm Black
    Togo 30cm Black Birkin
    Togo 28cm Kelly Indigo