Bottega Veneta

This birthday could have been mean but it was alievated by some tourmaline

grietje Posted By grietje Posted Nov 4, 2011

  1. I turned 45 today. I have never had an issue about getting old but I felt "off" about this one. But I went on an outstanding run today and felt great about being out and feeling strong. And then I opened my birthday present to myself--a tourmaline Veneta. And I realized there is much to be happy about.



  2. happy happy happy!!!!! i think life begins at 45
  3. Happy birthday! May your tourmaline beauty always remind you of how wonderful you felt today :smile:
  4. Oh grietje! What a wonderful present!! :tup: The color of that Veneta is exquisite and the leather looks so buttery soft! Happy Birthday and wear in good health!
  5. What a wonderful birthday gift! Enjoy!
  6. Happy Birthday! 45 is young! I enjoyed your clever rhyme. You selected a beautiful bag. Wear it in good health.
  7. Happy B'day, grietje! 45 is a wonderful age! I love Tourmaline, a beautiful deep color. Enjoy the Veneta and use it with lots of happiness.
  8. grietje - Happy Birthday! 45 is young! You'll love the way Tourmaline matches everything - we're bag twins. Use her in good health!
  9. Happy Birthday, Grietje - it's a great age - I turned it this year, too. :sunshine: Your present is fantastic!! :ps:
  10. Happy birthday! :balloon: Enjoy your tourmaline--it's gorgeous, and you took some great photos of it.
  11. Happy Birthday! You are still very young...but you won't realize it until later! ;)

    I think it is a very good idea to get a coveted bag to mark a special birthday - I did that in May when I turned (wait for it) 60 (see why I said you are young... :biggrin:), and whenever I use it that's the first thing I think made what could have been a downer (still freaked out about that number) into a celebration!
  12. What a lovely veneta, happy 45 years young!
  13. Lovely lovely present ... it is wonderful to have such a thing to mark a great occasion... happy belated birthday and thank you for the gift of the beautiful photos!
  14. 2nd Veneta already way to go! Happy 45th!
  15. Happy Birthday. Love the bag:heart: