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xLAUx Posted By xLAUx Posted Aug 22, 2006

  1. At the moment I don't have any items, but i know some of you have :yes:
    Share your beautiful pics:love:
  2. I'll start

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  3. Just these..
    not sure of the exact name of the pink one, the Eye Love scarf in black and the fuchsia perfo bandana.

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  4. Here's my LV collection:

    Charm scarf, black MC bandeau and blue flower bandeau ~

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  5. Lv babydoll--i think that the pink one in called the Monoca???

    It is gorgeous BTW!
  6. Thanks!! It was funny because that's the one thing I have that I've never known the name of. I just was said, "OOh pink, I HAVE to have it!" lol.
  7. suedoc - Love the balck charms, when was that one out?
  8. Thanks! It is actually navy. I bought it in early 2005; it also comes in burgundy.
  9. I'm joining! I'm joining! Here's my MC Bandeau

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Oh, I have a fuchsia perfo bandeau too..! :p Loving it... :love:

    By the way, Lvbabydoll, I've tried it on my waist and totally LOVE how it looks, really spice up my entire outfit..! Thanks...
  11. Suedoc, love how you tie it on your neck..! Another great way of wearing the bandeau... :p
  12. image1944.jpg

    My blue flowers bandeau.. that I have yet to use. :shame:
  13. You're welcome!!
    I'm glad you like it!! :yahoo:
  14. I have one shawl that's the same type as LVbabydoll has, only in another color (well, it's my mom's, but she *never* uses it), orange and green perf. scarves and an MC bandeau. Pictures will come later.
  15. This is a very hard to find scarf that I was lucky enough to get from a friend!! It was the original "charm" scarf, so to speak, before charms came out: