The saddest, most revolting Mabel.. :(

FrankieP Posted By FrankieP Posted Jul 29, 2012

  1. WARNING: Don't look at these pics if you're eating or about to..

    I have to share the condition of this poor, poor Mulberry, it's just staggering how somebody could be so disgusting, let alone with what would once have been a beautiful bag. I bought a Large Mabel on ebay that was listed as 'gorgeous' and said to be in 'excellent condition'. When it arrived I was shocked to pick up a squashed brown paper parcel and not the large box you'd expect for a big bag like this.. when I got home and opened what was left of the paper covering, the shock deepened.

    The bag hadn't been stuffed, and instead had just been basically flattened any old how, and the straps weren't even laid down carefully, both were bent up. It was then in its dustbag, then in bubblewrap and brown paper, so of course it arrived utterly crushed with deep creases to the handles and body of the bag.




    The next thing I noticed was how the top front part was folded down.. in the auction listing it looked to have a deep crease there, as though she always had it folded down for some reason. I messaged her before the auction ended to check whether that's how it was or if it was just the picture, and she said it was just the picture:
    "Just the photos. The leather is in perfect condition. I myself am very fussy about the grain of leather. There are no bends or folds in the leather, either natural or because it has been used. Many thanks belle x"
    Well someone's telling porkies, because not only does that top part always want to fold down and refuses to sit flat, it's also been folded for so long that the front side has stretched, bubbling up when I do try to make it sit properly.



    Then, bracing myself, I looked inside. I was staggered at what I found.. I've been buying and selling designer bags a long time, and have never seen something so disgusting. Who the hell would let this much filth build up without caring about it, let alone then send it on to somebody else in this state?!





    YES, THAT IS A BIT OF POPCORN IN THAT LAST SHOT!!!! Larger images are available here, for those with the strength of stomach.. click through each pic to expand.

    The outside of the bag shows a lot of wear, including one dirty grimy bald spot, and the leather is so soft and broken in that it was hard to get it to open up properly for a good look, it just had no structure or strength left in it and has obviously been given a good flogging. And yet this bag was listed as being "in excellent condition", haha!! I don't mind buying a used bag so long as it's advertised according to its true condition - oh, and CLEAN - just can't believe that anyone could be so classless as to treat a decent bag like a Mulberry in such a disgusting way.

    Her response (see below) was just as classless and cheap, she focused on the fact that it was squashed in transit and COMPLETELY ignored the revolting state in which she kept it, as well as the fact that her listing did not include inside shots. She clearly cannot comprehend the simple premise that you should take care to send something so that it arrives in the condition in which it was bought - obviously it's her responsibility to ensure it arrives safely, just as it's her responsibility to clean her nail clippings, crud, grime, mouldering hairs, and food out of the bag before she sends it. It looks as though she ate out of the thing - I'm surprise it made it through customs, you can just imagine the bacteria in there! :throwup:

    "Unfortunately, the buyer is very upset with her purchase. But I listed the bag on e bay showing its excellent and true condition. I regard myself as a very thorough buyer and seller on e bay, I am well trusted and it's very rare apart from this occasion to be disputed.I was upset to hear such comments about the bag, as to me this clearly wasn't how I ever send any of my items. I don't lie in my listings and always show many photographs to help the buyer buy in confidence. If at any point the bag was damaged in delivery, this is out of my hands. I am absolutely standing by the fact that this bag was sold in excellent condition, I am not accepting responsibility of a full refund.Belle"
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    Hope your getting a full refund ....
  3. I'm sorry you have had a bad experience from this seller. Its not great to be ripped off like there any leather refurbishment place that you can take it too for a thorough clean? the dirt in the bag is disgusting though...i always make sure there is no food in my bag or that it is completely sealed...some people just don't have appreciation for things...
  4. I put in a SNAD, and said she'll have to send extra for return postage if she wants it back, I don't see why I should be out of pocket because she's a filthy trashbag who lives like a slob! That's when SHE, demonstrating blinding brilliance and sharp intelligence, escalated it to a claim herself and gave that last response I posted above wherein she completely ignores what a mess the bag is and blags that rubbish about being a good seller. I'll wait and see what happens, but am confident Paypal will be as revolted by those photos as we all are. :sick::throwup:
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  6. FrankieP - what a disgrace! - there are some really skanky sorts out there - and this one (with attitude to match) should be up there with the best!!!! Joking apart, I am appalled and so feel for you - it is terrible to see how some treat their bags - especially when all of us here have utmost love, care and respect for ours - it's almost like abusing a pet!!!

    I have a parallel here as I, too, received a bag (I'm not going into details - as the seller came good and it wouldn't be fair to trash her) - it was squashed, actually concertinaed, missing a rivet and completely beyond redemption - and, whilst it was clean and intact in every other respect - the poor thing could never regain it's shape and had been disabled for life.......but trust me, if the seller had been anything like yours - my pictures would've been paraded on here for all to see!!........

    BUT - this sort of thing really shouldn't be happening......I know we still have a huge counterfeit element on fleabay, but this is another, equally huge worry, when authentic and beautiful bags are trashed and abused and then sold on by shifty and dishonest individuals as in good, even excellent, shape - outrageous........

    I sooo hope PayPal finds favour with you - I can't quite believe the audacity and arrogance of the seller, and she should receive her just desserts! Good luck and we are all behind you:tup::yes:
  7. Oh Frankie P, I feel for you! Roxaholic skanky is an apt description indeed!! I sell on eBay but I would NEVER have a bag in this condition. And to make matters worse, she listed in excellent condition. Even the tiniest of marks I mention and show in photos. I like happy buyers! After all I wouldn't want someone to mislead me. Some people have no moral judgment at all.

    Hope it gets resolved.
  8. Oh that's horrible. I received a squashed bag through the post (learned my lesson - if postage is less than a tenner then you're unlikely to get the packaging that a Mulberry deserves) but the seller worked with me and actually the creases fell out fairly quickly. I think the seller learned a lesson too as from what I can gather their packaging has improved!

    I looked at your link and think the seller's been a bit sneaky by saying 'excellent USED condition' - that's a contradiction in terms, isn't it?

    Just can't get over the condition of the interior in your pictures though - it would only have taken ten minutes to remove all the debris - oh my goodness.....
  9. Hey guess what - Paypal ruled in her favour! I rang a friend who's had a lot to do with them in the past in a legal sense, and he said it's probably because I said I wanted her to pay the return postage to get her trashed bag back, because they don't get sellers to do that! So they've completely ignored that Ella sent me a filthy bag, with her hair, her grime, a bit of her filthy nails, her food, her god-knows-what-else stuck in there down the bottom of it, all because I stood my ground on my rights to a fair deal. It's as though they didn't even look at the pictures because they make blatantly obvious that she has lied about the condition and has lied in her response.

    Luckily I paid by credit card so will call and organise a chargeback tomorrow, but I'll call Paypal tomorrow too and talk to a human about this. They don't even give a reason in the email, how dodgy. Still, if I can chargeback and then get to work trying to resuscitate this trashy chav's poor bag then it might all work out okay (and make an interesting rehab project!). As for her, someone who is this classless and cheap will get what's coming to them in the end... probably a nasty infection in her case, from keeping her phone in her handbags and then placing it against her face!

    I'll let you all know what Paypal say on it tomorrow, but fair warning: Always ask for interior shots showing right down to the bottom, because you don't know what a chavvy grotbag your seller is from exterior shots alone, and never buy from BEAUTIFULBELLE86!!! :tdown::throwup:
  10. I have had an awful situation too but I did pay return as I wanted to be rid of the bag. I think the mods will remove the link to the seller from your post.

    Nevertheless you can get a chargeback from your credit card company (usually if item is not authentic, not sure as this bag is genuine although in a mess) although it can take time to be refunded.

    Good luck!
  11. I hope not, she's sold Mulberry before and it goes to show that even previous feedback does not guarantee continued good treatment of buyers, so buyers should beware. I'll certainly be leaving my feedback anyway, haha! It's a shame for her, as accepting that she did indeed send me a filthy bag complete with three years of her grot inside would have earnt her a neutral rather than a negative! :bagslap:
  12. All I can say is - thank goodness you paid by Credit Card - hopefully they will be able to sort recompense swiftly for you......can't BELIEVE they ruled in her favour.......yep - I feel a case of some nasty facial infection coming her way;) let us know what happens.....
  13. Gosh, after spending so much on a bag I can't imagine ever letting it get into that position. Having said that, I do feel bad that my 20-50£ bags often end up a bit like this before a proper clean
  14. Understand your dilemma, brought a leather jacket on eBay and the seller said new without tags. Jacket arrived and it was not. Smelt of smoke and had scratch marks on. also how many new jackets do you find with a green covered panty liner in the inside pocket?. Lucky for me I didn't pay a lot and the jacket is being aired before I decide wether to give it to charity or get it dry cleaned......
  15. I had a bag sent back fromMulberry repairs once just in a cardboard box, no padding with the dustbag thrown in with it!!!
    I'm so precious with my Mulberries that i just don't understand sellers like the one you are having to deal with!!