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The Real Housewives of Vancouver, BC Canada!

Posted By PinkSuadeSoho Posted Feb 29, 2012

  1. Yawn.

    Canadian television is really in the crapper when it as to rely on less-expensive imitations of US shows. Guaranteed, I will watch, though.
  2. The one on the 2nd left reminds me of Coco in the face.

    Ah dang, it's only in Canada, and I was already getting invested. Boo! LOL
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  4. That's exactly what I was going to say at the bolded.

    And yes, she has sunken chesticles.

    One gal states her age as 29:lol:
    I highly doubt this will match the US version, nonetheless I'll give it a go:lawl:
    How bad can it be, knowing Canadian tele:wacko:
  6. The second one looks a little manly! Yikes! Why do most of them look so scary! Is this what money does to people? LOL! :p
  7. That would have been awesome but I read that everyone they approached in Toronto politely declined and ran in the opposite direction as fast as they could!:lol:
  8. Do we really have women in Vancouver who look like this? So much for the healthy, natural west coast lifestyle. I hope people who watch this show don't think we're all like this. Then again, none of the housewives shows have normal women on them, so I guess I shouldn't worry.
  9. I thought for certain that Jaquie Cohen would be on the show.
  10. Maybe she still has an ounce of self-respect??:graucho:
  11. Remember Canada's Next Top Model? :lol::lol:

    The only show that we have that i think is better than the american version is Dragons Den
  12. I don't know - did you see her on Party Mamas?
  13. you are right...but i was thinking of adrienne of BH tho...:lol::lol: