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The Random Picture Thread

Vlad Posted By Vlad Posted Nov 28, 2011

  1. Morning drinks. :smile:

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  2. ^Mmmmm, now I want Starbucks..
  3. Out for a walk on the lake this morning.

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  4. ^^So peaceful looking...
  5. hunnie-it all looks really good..
  6. ^thanks! It was delicious!
  7. Dry Froot Loops for Breakfast

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  8. I love a grande caramel frap :smile:

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  9. awww and it's in a heart shape :heart:
  10. just a pic from last Sunday,
  11. In the midst of a winter storm warning.

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  12. ellie-may I ask where that is? It's gorgeous..
    jourdyn-oh wow..keep warm!
  13. Sweetpea83, it's inland in Sweden. The water is still frozen close to shore but the sun is warming up now. :smile: