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*** The "I spy Celebrities in CLs" Thread! Post pix here ***

JetSetGo! Posted By JetSetGo! Posted Mar 21, 2011

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  2. Kim K...Nude Lady Daf

  3. LMAO: KK is our first celeb pic in our new thread.:p
  4. Megan Fox wearing Louboutins - Lady Peeps, I believe?

  5. Yes. She looks amazing.
  6. And another one of her, Madame Butterfly it is. I'm quite loving that style!

  7. ^ Those directly above are the Madame Butterfly Pump
  8. For the 4A lovers!!!

    Janet in her "4A"

  9. Thank you - I corrected it :p
  10. Megan looks so amazing, love her! :love:
  11. YAY!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: KK is rocking the CL + AMQ clutch combo also!!! :nuts:
  12. the MB pump looks great on Megan.
  13. Rihanna

  14. I LOVE the 4A... not so much on Janet... they get lost.

    The MBP in leopard are AMAZING. God I hate myself for passing on them.
  15. ^the framboise would look more amazing imo
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