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The elusive Jet Set Zip Top Tote (LV Totally inspired)

Posted By crissy11 Posted May 19, 2012

  1. I've been on the hunt for this bag for months. MK stores, eBay, dept stores, everywhere. I saw it maybe a year ago and then it disappeared to be replaced by the open top with middle compartment which didn't do it for me. I called the brand new Factory Store in the Carousel Mall in Syracuse and they described this bag to me and I still didn't believe it existed. I did the 3 hour drive from Ottawa yesterday and there it was. They had a special on for 20% off a $250 purchase so I picked up the matching wristlet as well as was out the door at $228.

    In case anyone is wondering how this differs from the Macy's Exclusive, it's a bit bigger and has the lighter handles (the Macy's has luggage color handles). I actually like the lighter handles because it looks more like the Totally. It's also more functional than the Totally - the inside has 4 slip pockets and and huge zip pocket in the side. The Macy's Exclusive is $248, this one was $198.

    I love that the monogram on this is so muted and not at all in-your-face.

  2. The dimensions are 12 inches high x 16 inches wide (at the top). The strap drop is about 10 inches.


  3. I love the muted monogram as well. I was very anti-monogram anything until I got different tote with the same print. MK also is excellent because of all the pockets he put in the bags :smile: One for a phone, one for my camera, one for my lipgloss, etc LOL.

    Congrats on finding your elusive bag!
  4. That's awesome it looks identical to the one Macy's sells. Any modeling pictures ?
  5. I'll do some later for sure when I'm showered and dressed!
  6. I'm just over 5 feet tall, size 6-8.

  7. I love it! It looks taller than the one I have, the one with just the center zipper pocket. Are these just available at the outlets?
  8. Crissy- It looks fantastic on you.
  9. It probably isn't - my camera stretches things when I take a pic vertically instead of horizontally.
  10. Looks really cute:smile:
  11. We are about the same height! The bag looks good on you.
  12. Great tote I love it! I have the mono Hamilton from the outlet. Both are great bags. I need to get the matching wallet next.
  13. Gorgeous! I didn't know that this one existed!
  14. I saw some of those at Macy's today :smile:
  15. Nice! I love zip top totes!