The DIY Valentino Thread!!

LabelLover81 Posted By LabelLover81 Posted Aug 4, 2011

  1. The strap on my rockstud clutch came off. Luckily I found the teensy tiny screw and my dad fixed it for me. I thought he looked like a Valentino craftsman :smile:

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  2. Aren't dads the best?

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  3. Your DIY projects are wonderful. And, aren't Dads wonderful, too!
  4. They really are!!
  5. SWEET! so glad your dad was able to help you.
  6. Aww your dad is very sweet, I'm glad he was able to fix it.
  7. So cute...and so sweet!!!
  8. I lost the center of the flower off these wedges so I sewed on crystal beads. . .

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  9. You are a woman of many talents! Besides of having a gift for taking artsy pictures, you are very handy!
  10. Love it! So clever!
  11. Good job on DIY:smile:

  12. Thanks ladies! As I wear these shoes to work in the summer, I was glad I could salvage them ;)
  13. You two are so clever and diligent.