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The Curtain Call

fabae Posted By fabae Posted Jun 2, 2012

  1. OK, what's the status ...
  2. To their credit, they did.

    UPS tracking says "out for delivery." We usually get packages anywhere from 3:00 to 6:00, so we've a few hours yet.
  3. Well, that's good news.
  4. I think we're all waiting n' wondering......
    Keeping my fingers crossed :wave:
  5. Good luck!!! I am hoping with all fingers crossed.
  6. I know. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

    I'm taking my DD to ballet class in a while and then going out with my friends for margaritas :drinks: :party: (yeah, and dinner) this evening, so I'll post as soon as UPS comes, but I will undoubtedly have to post pics tomorrow.
  7. How come the smilies don't move around anymore?
  8. They are moving on my screen. :yahoo:
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    So it is just me. I went to a blog the other day and picked up a virus. My husband hacked it out, but my computer is doing things now that it didn't do before (flushing saved passwords, won't show me videos..) Guess I have to ask the DH again.

    ETA: Yay! I fixed it myself! (Yes, patting myself on the back. :biggrin:)
  10. Oh yeah. It's 5:30, and the UPS guy WOULD pick this shipment to be late.
  11. Congrats. As a professional PC tech, I highly recommend Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. It's free... Paid if you want it to run when your PC starts...

  12. ^ Thanks for the rec. I'm going to look into it.

    6:15. Still waiting! Is that not the beans on the rice?! (I did check the tracking, just in case they mis-delivered it. No. Just late.)
  13. ^ we're both CST. Do you have any nails left?
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    Not really! And I have to leave for my girls-night-out in 20 minutes!

    Now I REALLY need a margarita! Or two! :panic: :girlwhack: UPS guy isn't usually THIS late! I'm stressed out more! This whole experience...
  15. GO - drink one for all of us and by the time you get home you won't be able to open the box until tomorrow - :biggrin: