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The Cathy Waterman Thread

k*d Posted By k*d Posted Jun 29, 2009

  1. I have always wondered about how delicate her pieces are....I had a feeling that they would not wear well. But they look like works of art. I just love looking at them.
  2. A couple days ago I saw Anna Paquin in person and I could not take my eyes off her Cathy Waterman wedding ring set. It was so gorgeous!
  3. Hiii!! I am bumping this thread up. I have a question. My mom and I were looking at rings cause she wants an idea of what I want (I am guessing the bf is about to ask) and I fell in love with this Cathy Waterman ring. Now, the SA said I can have it not blackened to look more polished. I dont want her ordering a ring and then I dont like it. I love this ring and wouldnt mind keeping it as it is. But I am curious as to how it would look. Do you think this ring will look even better if it was not blackened?

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  4. There's several pictures of that style or one similar unblackened/polished on Ylang23's website and Twist's website, I believe. That may be able to help you decide?
  5. OMG! That's gorgeous as is! I love Cathy Waterman. I prefer the blackened look to the polished look.
  6. I checked Ylang and I saw the same ring in gold and I didnt see a similar style unblackened. But let me check Twists Thanks!
  7. It is a gorgeous ring!! Thanks for your response :smile:

  8. I believe there's a stock photo of it polished, at least there used to be... let me see if I can find it really quick!
  9. It must not be on Ylang anymore, my bad! I do remember seeing a polished version of that ring somewhere and it was gorgeous but I like the blackened one just because it makes it look more like an heirloom to me!

    It's CW though, I honestly don't think you can go wrong!
  10. I would snatch that ring up! It's SO beautiful!!!!