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ichelle Posted By ichelle Posted Mar 4, 2007

  1. It was 210 GBP! A lot, but on the "better" side of the charm. It's all relative, but I'm a fan of the groom :heart:
  2. Thanks...I get compliments all the time! It really is very pretty!:smile:
  3. I have the red groom bandeau on my mono Neverfull & I love it !
    Thanks for letting me know the price . I appreciate it !
  4. beautiful charms, my friend, just beautiful. they look great:smile:
  5. here's my newest addition: the LV facettes my husband gifted me on my birthday. it's being "modeled" by my 1 yr old Amarante Brea MM.

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  6. Absolute gorgous bag and charm
  7. Ooh...I want that Sydney maison charm...love love it...
  8. I finally get to join! I have been resisting all these years, but soooo tempted by all the pretty charms. We just went to the Vegas Forum boutique and they had so many displayed that I just had to look. I saw this Cles Swing Dore (that's what it says on the receipt), and LoVed the jewelry style clasp and the rich gold rings, ball and tassel. Here it is with my Ellipse PM. Yay!

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  9. cute charm, i've always liked that one.
  10. Thanks! Do you happen to know how long it's been around?
  11. I love this charm and it looks lovely on Brea! I wish the silver version was this weight and size. I tried it on my black Epi Alma but it's so heavy and chunky...
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. Thankyou my friend :biggrin:

    Thankyou cali ~ I will stay in touch ;)

    Thankyou :biggrin: