That sofa just has NO!!! staying power....reveal

Designpurchaser Posted By Designpurchaser Posted Jul 10, 2012

  1. DP you sneaky secret squirrelly.....:sneaky:

    That Cookie Cup has been giving you tips....(hehe!)...
  2. Get those scizzors out - Holby City beckons!!!...;)
  3. yum yum :biggrin:
  4. Me too. First time I've ever caught a live reveal - 'citing!
  5. How exciting! A lovely reveal for a wet Tuesday night!
  6. Could it be the red onion?? :woot:
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    Me too. First time I've ever caught a live reveal - exciting!
  8. Trying to work out whether that's Naughtipidgin's wrapping - don't think so, think it's more likely to be Mulberry..........
  9. This one had something to do with a lovely Beaver...

    View attachment 006.JPG

    OH !!!! That sounds soooo wrong!!!:lolots:
  10. My favourite quick-fix dinner when I can't be was yum!! :p
  11. white dustbag - could be red onion?
  12. I had salmon and stir fried veg.....something about veg at the moment!!!:graucho:
  13. Sounds soooo wrong!!! :lolots::lolots:
  14. Now who's being below the belt! - I really am keeping schtum - coz I have a little inkling......